Your Loved Ones Are
Safe With Us!

Your Loved Ones Are
Safe With Us!

Drivee SafeCall

Araç ile yolculuklarınızda sevdikleriniz Drivee ile güvende

In the event that the vehicles are involved in an accident, it sends an automatic message to the emergency call center to ensure that the call center communicates with the vehicle and enables emergency response teams to reach the scene quickly and consciously. Even if the driver loses consciousness in the event of an accident, the system automatically ensures that the emergency response teams arrive at the scene.

How Drivee SafeCall Works?
35,000 people die in traffic accidents in Europe annually!
Drive-induced Error Rate
Emergency Call Talk Time 
Unfounded Emergency Call Rate
*EU Commission e-call statistics

The European Parliament Proposes SafeCall Systems.

Can be saved.
20 Billion
20 Billion Euros
Can be Saved.
According to European Parliament researches, with the spread of SafeCall systems, only an average of 2,500 lives can be saved annually in Europe and an average of 20 billion Euros can be saved annually.
According to European Parliament researches, with the spread of SafeCall systems, only an average of 2,500 lives can be saved annually in Europe and an average of 20 billion Euros can be saved annually.

Drivee SafeCall Components

Everything needed to reach emergency assistance...
Communicate even when you can't move with the advanced built-in microphone.
Get direct help in sudden impacts detected by G-sensor technology.
Our call center is with you whenever you need with the built-in speaker. 
Always stay in touch with the Internal Battery, regardless of your vehicle.
S.O.S Button
Mobilize emergency teams with a single tap.
GSM Module
Stay in touch while on the move
With the GPS system that sends instant location information, emergency teams are with you in the fastest way. 


As Drivee, we aim to prevent possible traffic accidents, prevent loss of life or material damage, reduce the emergency response times and make trips safer.
Rapid Intervention
Reducing the time to reach the ambulance by 50% by providing
instant geo-location information to the
emergency teams via the call center.
Safe Journey
To make trips safe by identifying
potential accidents and similar
risks in advance
Direct Help
Even in cases of possible loss of consciousness,
the ambulance will be transported to the scene and
transported quickly.
Emergency Hotline
Reduce the time it takes
to reach the emergency
Reduce all death / injury or property
damage in the event of
an accident.
Risk Assessment
To identify the drivers who are at high risk of accidents
and to take precautions against the negative
effects that may occur.

Why Drivee?

One-Touch Help;

When you encounter an emergency (heart attack, etc.), press the SafeCall button to contact the emergency center with the vehicle interior, and the emergency response teams are directed to your needs.
Automatic Help;
Even if you have lost consciousness at the time of the accident, emergency teams are automatically guided to the scene.
Location Determination;
You won’t waste time with the crime scene recipe. Thus, the emergency response team reaches the scene without losing time with address search.
Conscious Intervention;
Provides a conscious intervention in line with your previously acquired health information.
Accident Risk Mitigation;
Provides the opportunity to reduce the risk of accidents with the program to improve driving behavior.


Drivee SafeCall is available in three comprehensive products.
You can access SafeeCall and Concierge services with the “Drivee SafeCall Basic”.
With the” Drivee SafeCall Plus ”, you can reach the service of improving driving behavior in addition to the features of the “Drivee SafeCall Basic”.
With the “Drivee SafeeCall Smart” you can access fleet management service in addition to Drivee SafeCall Plus features.


SafeCall Services
    • Ambulance,
    • Police,
    • Gendarme,
    • Fire Dept.
    • Tow truck information and orientation.
Concierge Services
  • Reservation services
  • Administrative services
  • Consultancy services
  • Transportation Services
Driving Behavior Development
  • Brake
  • Side Slip
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Accident Detection
  • Accident simulation
Reporting Services
  • Trip-based driving style
  • General driving dynamics
  • Maintenance management
  • MTV management

SafeCall Services
With Drivee SafeCall services, you can get service quickly from Ambulance, Police, Gendarme, Fire Department or Towing teams at any time. You can access all these services with the help of a single button at any time and even when you are not in a position to ask for help, you can access these services whenever you need by directing our call center which is communicating with the vehicle instantly to your location.
Concierge Services
Reservation Services
  • Theater Reservation
  • Concert Reservation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Sport Competitions Bookings
  • Restaurant Reservation
  • Internal Transportation Reservation (Train, Airplane, Bus etc.)
  • Rent A Car Reservation
  • Translation And Simultaneous Translation Reservations
  • Booking for Guide and Related Services
(*) Reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
Administrative Services
  • Pharmaceutical Delivery
  • Courier Service
  • Flower and Gift Transportation
  • Food, Beverage Transportation
  • Money, Advance Transportation
  • Transportation of booked flight tickets
  • Reporting of the booked train tickets
  • Delivery of lost and forgotten documents
(*) In transportation services, the courier fee belongs to the beneficiary.
Consultancy Services
  • Information about cultural activities
  • Information about Culture and Entertainment Centers
  • Cultural Centers Information
  • Theater Programs Information
  • Conference Hall Programs Information
(*) Service is provided every weekday and Saturday (except official, religious holiday and Sunday) between 09: 00-18: 00.
Transportation Services
  • Conference Hall Organization
  • Fax Rental
  • Computer Rental
  • Mobile Phone Rental
  • Forwarding messages to business partners
(*) In rental services, rental fees belong to the cardholder.
Driver Behavior Development
Driving behaviors can be analyzed from the reporting screen in our CRM system and driving styles can be improved. With this system, which is called as a preventive measure, accidents that may occur can be prevented.
Fleet Management Services
With our Fleet Management Services you will learn everything you need to know about your fleet and much more. You have full control over your fleet with our tools such as measuring driver behavior, live location tracking, vehicle maintenance management, traffic fines management, tire management, fuel and HGS management, and even MTV, automobile and vehicle inspection management.